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9:15 AM - 9:45 AM EST

Welcome & Pavement Awards

Join National Pavement show director Russ Turner for a brief welcome message and then watch as the winners of the 2021 Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Awards are announced. These annual awards provide industry-wide recognition for contractors involved in all aspects of pavement maintenance.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

How to Reinforce, Not Ruin Your Company Culture


The shared values and practices of employees shape the culture of companies. Leaders have tremendous influence on those values and practices. Their influence comes from their controllable actions, inactions, behaviors, or the words they choose, or choose not to say.
Their influence can be positive and constructive in forming the company culture. Or their influence can be damaging and destructive to achieving the culture they desire.
By attending this presentation, participants will learn:

  •  What company culture is and how leaders create one that attracts and retains top talent.
  • The actions leaders can take to support and reinforce their company culture.
  • The mistakes leaders can make that undermine their company culture and how to avoid them.
  • The actions leaders can take to repair a broken or damaged company culture.

Randy Goruk, The Randall Wade Group, LLC -


Best Practices of Residential and Commercial Paving


The commercial paver must always employ good paving practices. This is even more important when facing the challenge of sculpting pavement to meet extreme geometric and grade constraints. In this session, attendees will learn the challenges of commercial paving, understand the principles of quality construction, and discover what best practices are necessary in getting an award-winning job.


Brian Hall, Leeboy


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

IPAD Pro in Field - Communication is Everything


In the paving business, great communication between office and field can be a real issue. It can make or break a project. In this proactive class you will learn how to take accurate field notes and photos. A class like this does not come around every day, this step by step process can change your company’s communication,
This interactive class will teach you how to store all information in folders. Whether you are an estimator or a project manager. Clarity is everything. Estimating department visits site and downloads a map, mark map with all details and write notes, collect photos, makes creating a clear vision for sales. Project Managers- collects all photos and stores in job folders. PMs to collect daily info, production sheets and sends detailed job notes to office. Using software and apps to have everything at your fingertips, no more paper. Apps Needed. Penultimate, Evernote, Measure Map Pro. OneDrive and Basecamp. Download these apps and be ready for this step by step process to change your every day note taking. Need IPAD Pro with pen. You will leave this class ready to inspect and collect pics and details to assist in maximizing detailed field notes.

Tom Eosso, Eosso Brothers Paving

It Only Makes Sense to Know Your Cents


This Is an exciting opportunity to hear and learn from two of the most influential leaders in the Asphalt Maintenance industry. They will share with you how they have managed and built their current company of more than 200 employees. They will also share their experiences from consulting with many other paving and concrete companies around the United States. This course will be eye opening to all in attendance. We will discuss how to accurately capture all job related costs which will allow us to bid more accurately.  In doing so, we will all have a better understanding on how to price jobs and how to manage our crews to be able to perform within budgets. We will also cover how to track our actual job costs versus estimated. Once we learn how to bid and track jobs properly, we will learn the tried and true way to set up our organizations for future growth. This will include becoming financially able to scale, having the right people in the right seats and setting organizational charts so there are clear definitions on who does what. This course is for owners, executive team members, operations management or salesman that want to better understand how to accurately cost jobs.

Paul Battista, CEO / Founder of Brothers Paving & Concrete Corporation

Shawn Boyce, Vice President, Brothers Paving and Concrete Corporation


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Intro to Hot Pour Mastics


Introduce the fastest growing pavement preservation repair materials and methods. Add an additional revenue stream for your business by offering the year round ability to permanently repair everything from wide cracks, potholes, alligatored pavements, seam and joint failures, raised manholes, failed catch basins and so much more!” Learn why, where and how to apply mastics.

Rick Stone, Maxwell Products Inc.


What’s Next - Discover New Opportunities, Uncover Your Problems, Create Options and Execute for Success!

Sales & Marketing

A new and refreshing way to approach Strategy! This fast-paced session will reveal a new way to look at the business climate around you. You will analyze options and make faster decisions based on real facts.

Guy Gruenberg, Grow Consulting


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

Introduction to Thickness Design and Pavement Distresses


In the second of the Asphalt Institute’s sessions specially developed for NPE, you will learn about the basics of pavement design and what makes them fall apart. Wayne will introduce free web-based design tools that will allow you to design a pavement specifically for your customers. Next, he will cover the distresses that attack pavements and cause them to fail, so you can make the best-possible repair decisions for your clients. Based on AI’s best-selling manual MS-16 Asphalt in Pavement Maintenance and Preservation, this session will provide suggestions on how to improve your project’s quality to attract repeat customers without adding additional cost. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers with Wayne, who has more than 40 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry. While attendance in Session B01 on materials is not a prerequisite to attending this session, it is highly encouraged. After the session, attendees will receive a coupon code good for 50% off (a $37.50 value) an e-book version of AI’s 3rd edition of MS-22: Constructing Quality Asphalt Pavements.

Basic understanding of:

  • The function of a pavement
  •  Pavement design and where to find useful online tools
  • The distresses that cause pavements to fail

For more information about Asphalt Institute publications and seminars, visit
Attendees will receive certificates granting 1.5 Professional Development Hours (PDHs).


Wayne Jones, MASCE, P.E.

Contractual Liability/Risk Transfer


The purpose of this session is to explain and clarify the various terms and conditions of contractual language that customers are asking their contract service vendors to sign. In many instances, some of those terms and conditions could present exposure to the contractor that would make them responsible for incidents etc that may not even be related to their scope of work. We will share analysis of contractual and policy related risk transfer from both a insurance and attorney perspective. Therefore when a claim is made against the contractor, their insurance carrier is required to provide, at the very least, a defense for that claim and in some cases pay a judgment, even if their work had nothing to do with the incident. Unfortunately the end result of this is more frequent claim activity and higher insurance costs.
• Education on contract language
• Education on insurance policy language
• Discussion of how to limit claim exposure

Scott Cerosky, World Insurance Associates

Josh Ferguson, Freeman, Mathis & Gary

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

Sweeper Performance: Guidelines to Productivity and Profits


Increase your company's productivity and profits through your equipment's performance. Learn how to correctly prepare and operate your equipment for optimum efficiency.

Costas Cordonis, Schwarze Industries, Inc.


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Improve Striping Productivity Using Todays Technology (Auto-Layout and Laser Systems)


Parking lot layout has come a long way from chalk lines. This how-to session will take you through "the evolution of parking lot layout" from basic tape measure layout to today's simple-to-use auto layout technology that will do your calculations for you and the industry's newest cutting-edge auto layout tool: lasers. Two veteran striping contractors who have evolved along with the industry and its technology will teach you how to efficiently stripe any job, easy or difficult. You'll learn how you don't need two or three people to layout a parking lot and how one person on a job can layout and stripe accurately and efficiently. More lines faster is the goal and you'll learn how to improve productivity using today's technology. Videos will be shown!


Chad Jung, Preferred Striping


Sponsored by:

How to Properly Plan and Schedule Jobs

Sales & Marketing

Most quality problems and even workplace accidents in construction can be attributed to poor planning. Planning a project, any size project, is made 100% better by applying some very basic and clear planning techniques. This session will share the process, components, and implementation involved with effective planning and scheduling.
Key Learning Objectives

  • How to take guesswork out of planning
  • Learning the planning and scheduling process
  • “M.E.L.” - Components of effective planning and scheduling
  • Why your “critical path” must be identified & followed
  • Building “cushion” into your schedule
  • Planning coordination & collaboration into your schedule
  • Engaging your crews into completing your one or two week look ahead

Brad Humphrey, Pavecon


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EST

How to Make Your Online Presence Your Top Salesperson

Sales and Marketing

Over the past decade, sales has changed more than any other time in history -- Potential customers can now eliminate your company before ever contacting you! The Internet allows customers to find multiple companies, check their backgrounds, reputations and competency. This makes it absolutely critical that your website/online profile is not hurting you and is actually acting as your best salesperson. In this session you'll learn how to create a top-of-class online presence, with specific suggestions on how to set up your online profile to generate leads and retain existing business. You'll learn the three ways buyers eliminate companies online, how to develop clear processes for communicating with customers who only work by email or messaging, and how to formulate a plan for your sales team to utilize your online profile to close more sales. Don't allow potential customers to reject your company before you even have a chance to talk with them. Use your online presence to get in the door!

Brandon Stanton, 405 Media Group


The Times They Are a Changin': Managing in Turbulent Times


The Times They are a Changin': Leading Change in Turbulent Times Wow, things are never changing as swiftly and as turbulently as they are today. The old saying the "more things change, the more they stay the same" is no longer true. We are in a new reality. The old rules don't apply, the way we see the world needs to shift. The answer LEADERSHIP, and the leadership begins with each of us. This topic is rich and powerful and we are restricted by the 90 minutes allowed and that is more than enough time to understand the fundamental shift, create priorities, and set sight on where we are going. Now more than ever leadership is required, and leadership begins with a powerful and honest relationship of oneself. And the big question becomes, how do we do that?

Mike Shereck, Change Management/Mike Shereck Group

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST

Selling From Your Strengths


In today's noisy environment, selling has never been more difficult. Technology has leveled the playing field and reduced barriers to entry making competition even more fierce. Companies need more than sales advice to grow and thrive - they need to learn to identify and leverage the natural talents of their people. There is no one right way to sell, but there is a unique way in which every person can be true to themselves and excel. Using the ground-breaking CliftonStrengths assessment from Gallup (prework required), Neal will guide attendees to discover who they naturally are and how to develop their talents to sell more effectively. Drawing from his own success selling as a contractor, Neal will help attendees develop target markets, outline their sales process, and close more sales than ever before. NOTE: To get full benefit from workshop, attendees must complete Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment one week prior to workshop at a cost of $20.

Neal Glatt


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Becoming a Sealcoating Pro: Professional Sealcoating from A-Z


Successful sealcoating is more than applying sealer to pavement and in this new workshop you'll learn how to improve your sealcoating efficiency, the quality of your sealcoating work, your professional image - and your bottom line. Presented by a veteran contractor and Pavement Advisory Board member, this session will cover the sealcoating business from A to Z. You'll learn detailed "put to work" information about the sealcoating process and the sealcoating business that will set you apart from your competition. Technical topics covered will include: Sealcoating materials, Understanding mix design, sealcoating equipment (and how to use it), Detailed explanation of application methods.

On the business side, you'll learn how to communicate professionally and efficiently while applying user-friendly sales methods that are current, from the initial customer contact to the full completion of the job. Plus, take home innovative ways to make sure you are prioritized above your competitors and proven tips on how to create and keep repeat customers.

Steve Young, Young Sealcoating, Inc.


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST

Fraud Busting: Pandemic Edition


When the economy goes down, fraud goes up. Discover how to spot fraud online and in person to stop crippling losses. Keep yourself and your company off the front page for the wrong reasons.

You’ll learn: quick tips on how to protect yourself from big losses online
How to detect lies in person or in virtual meetings
How to understand what people are trying to hide behind a mask
Bonus: How to come across powerfully in online meetings
And what to expect next year when we can get together in person


Traci Brown, Body Language and Fraud Prevention Expert