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Paul Battista

Tuesday, February 23 at 1:00 p.m.
It only makes sense to know your cents


Paul leads Brothers towards its mission to build better communities, together. With a focus on People, Professionalism, Precision, and Partnership He steers the company to great heights. As the CEO, and head of the Executive Committee Paul ensures that our Directors are empowered and accountable for the growth and reinforcement of our core principles. Through his leadership Brothers is the DC Metro areas Premier Asphalt and Concrete Provider and he is developing a national presence to become the countries premier provider in this space.

Paul graduated with a BS Degree from Shenandoah University and is currently completing the exclusive OPM Executive Education Program at Harvard University’s Business School..

Paul’s primary focus is his family and his faith. He is a dedicated husband, father, and now grandfather. Paul is passionate about his faith and love for God. He cares deeply for each member of the Brother’s family and has exemplified his generous heart by providing numberless opportunities and benefits to all who cross his path. Paul is a car enthusiast with a passion for speed and exceptional driving. He is a musical aficionado, a member of the St Andrews Golf Club in Scotland, a world traveler, and enjoys great food and time together with friends.

Something you may not know: Prior to Brothers, Paul’s original plan was to work in the music business.  He has had the opportunity to interact with some of the industry’s finest musicians – he not only has some cool stories but the photos to prove it!



Shawn Boyce

Tuesday, February 23 at 1:00 p.m.
It only makes sense to know your cents


Shawn Boyce is a partner and Vice President at Brothers Paving and Concrete Corporation located in Manassas Virginia. He has been in the Pavement and Concrete maintenance industry for 25 years. Through the years he has worked from a summer helper to a line striper early on and has moved his way up to an estimator, salesman, sales manager, operations manager and currently serves in the role of Vice President over logistics. In his role he manages the scheduling of the day to day operations. He oversees around 200 men and women comprised of 17 individual crews that go out each day. He also works daily with nine salesman to help price jobs which total around $150 million annually. He also creates budgets, and tracks the actual job cost for each project upon completion.
In his personal life he has been married for 28 years and has five children, four sons ages 27 25 23 and 21 and one daughter which is 18. He has been a baseball coach for over 20 years with 5 state championships. He also serves in a leadership capacity with his church organization.


Traci Brown

Thursday, February 25 at 3:00 p.m.
Fraud Busting: Pandemic Edition

Traci Brown has trained in the body language of deception detection right alongside our country’s top law enforcement.  And in her fast paced, interactive keynotes that are sure to entertain, Traci teaches the lie, fraud and identity theft detection skills she’s used to get to the truth in billion-dollar business deals, crimes and politics.

You’ll be able to immediately use the same tools to  tell whose pants are on fire, stop fraud and create more success in your own organization and personal life… so you see more  zeroes (before the decimal) in your bank account.

Traci is a Three Time US Collegiate Cycling Champion and former member of Team USA. Yeah, she’s fast on 2 wheels and looks pretty good in spandex.


She is a past president of the National Speaker’s Association Colorado Chapter and the author of four books including her latest,  How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft.



Scott Cerosky

Wednesday, February 24 at 10:00 a.m.
Contractual Liability/Risk Transfer

Scott Cerosky has been serving the Pavement Maintenance Industry for over 30 years, providing industry specific insurance products and services. Scott is a founding member of the North American Power Sweeping Association and in 2016 received the distinguished Alan Curtis Industry Service Award and was inducted into the Pavement Hall Of Fame.


Costas Cordonis

Wednesday, February 24 at 1:00 p.m.
Sweeper Performance: Guidelines to Productivity and Profits

Mr. Cordonis is a 33 year veteran in the Sweeping Industry. His primary functions over the years included Technical Support, Warranty and Customer Service. He is conducting Sweeper Operation, Technical and Maintenance Training all over the USA and around the world.

Tom Eosso

Tuesday, February 23 at 1:00 p.m.
IPAD Pro in field – Communication is everything

Thomas Eosso is Vice President at Eosso Brothers Paving located in Farmingdale, NJ. Thomas has over 30 years of experience in the paving industry and has been a regular speaker at National Pavement Expo and National Pavement Expo West for 13 years. He has done an excellent job of developing and refining over the years to meet the specific needs and demands of his audience and his customers. His main focus is to provide his customers with a custom solution to suit their pavement needs.

Thomas is passionate about technology and utilizing it to enhance productivity throughout his company. He believes that communication is the key to success in the office and in the field. If you’re looking to improve efficiency and communication in your business, Tom’s iPad Pro in the Field class is perfect for you!


Josh Ferguson

Wednesday, February 24 at 10:00 a.m.
Contractual Liability/Risk Transfer


Josh Ferguson is a Partner and Co-chair of the Philadelphia office for the law firm of Freeman, Mathis & Gary. He is a highly experienced attorney with an array of experience in high exposure tort, employment and professional liability cases.

Mr. Ferguson’s Tort and Catastrophic Loss practice includes defense of premises liability, transportation, product liability, toxic and mass tort claims.

Mr. Ferguson serves as general counsel for a wide variety of businesses, including those in the construction, snow and ice management, power sweeping, landscaping, and property management industries. Mr. Ferguson regularly advises clients on pending legislation at the Federal and State levels. He has drafted legislation on behalf of various industries, and has been asked to speak in Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania before House Committees.

Mr. Ferguson’s Construction and Design Law practice includes defense of commercial and residential construction defect and claims and environmental litigation. Mr. Ferguson’s Commercial Litigation/Directors & Officers practice includes contract dispute claims and corporate litigation.

He has presented seminars and has been a keynote speaker at events throughout the United States on First-Party and Third-Party automobile insurance, contract review/creation/negotiation, risk management, bad faith claims and general claims handling. Josh has appeared on a variety of radio and online programs, and has published articles in diverse legal and trade association publications. Josh also serves as an Arbitrator/Mediator in Pennsylvania.

Neal Glatt

Thursday, February 25 at 1:00 p.m.
Selling From Your Strengths


Neal Glatt, CSP, ASM is a dynamic speaker who draws on his success as a contractor and education in leadership to deliver engaging keynotes and workshops. Neal provides contractor attendees with simple, effective tools implement and improve their businesses immediately.

Neal is a managing partner with GrowTheBench.com. In his career as a snow contractor, Neal joined Case Snow Management, Inc. as an Account Executive in 2010. The company owned a single pick-up truck and had annual revenues of less than $1 million. Leading the sales effort and serving as part of the leadership team, Neal helped the company exceed $40 million in annual sales before beginning his own coaching practice in 2017. During that time, Neal discovered the power of focusing on strengths and the ability of strong leadership to influence amazing results.

Neal’s passion is equipping leaders to create an organizational culture which engages employees to unlock higher sales, profitability, retention, and fulfillment. He is a Certified Strengths Coach through Gallup and a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer. Neal earned Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Marketing and Spanish from Northern Michigan University. Learn more about Neal at www.NealGlatt.com.

Randy Goruk

Tuesday, February 23 at 10:00 a.m.
How to Reinforce, Not Ruin Your Company Culture

Randy Goruk is the founder and President of LeadersEdge360.com, a leadership development firm focused on maximizing personal and professional achievement. He is masterful in educating audiences in identifying key leadership attributes, the most common leadership mistakes, and specific tactics good leaders and teams can implement immediately to create professional and organizational growth.

Randy is a 40+ year veteran of the construction industry, having served in key leadership positions across North America as the President of Trus Joist Canada, and Sr. Vice President of North American Residential Operations, a $750 million business unit.

During his time leading a multi-million-dollar organization through many challenging times, Randy became an expert in creating teams and leaders that achieve quantifiable results.

Randy’s leadership background and extensive executive management experience provide a unique backdrop for his speaking and training that is not typically seen in our industry.


Guy Gruenberg

Tuesday, February 23 at 3:00 p.m.
What’s Next  – Discover New Opportunities, Uncover Your Problems, Create Options and Execute for Success!

Guy Gruenberg, the 2018 inductee into Pavement’s Hall of Fame, receives recognition for his varied efforts helping paving and pavement maintenance contractors throughout the country organize, develop and generally improve their businesses though his varied consulting efforts.
“I grow companies,” Gruenberg says. “And whether I’m consulting with them or teaching at National Pavement Expo, I encourage them to try to do the right thing, whatever it is. That’s my consulting mantra.”
He has conducted sessions at National Pavement Expo West (11 years) and National Pavement Expo (annually since 2003) on a broad range of sales, marketing, management and organizational topics; he provides one-on-one coaching through Grow Consulting, his personal consulting firm; and as a proponent of what he terms “integrated consulting” he has helped dozens of contractors by embedding himself in their management structure to better analyze and monitor the implementation of his consulting suggestions.
Gruenberg brings to his consulting efforts the unique combined perspectives of contractor, manufacturer and distributor (with RAE Products), and industry analyst. While he considers himself a “sales and marketing guy,” his diverse background enables him to consult and instruct on virtually any aspect of a business including:
• Owner mentoring
• Strategizing
• Sales and marketing
• Job Costing
• Finance
• Recruiting, hiring and interviewing
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Exit strategies


Brian Hall

Tuesday, February 23 at 10:00 a.m.
Best Practices of Residential and Commercial Paving


Brian Hall is the Territory Manager of the Mid South Region of VT LeeBoy, manufacturer of the LeeBoy, Rosco and LeeBoy Performance Product Lines. He has been with LeeBoy for 19 years after starting in the industry in 1993. Aside from working with paving contractors across the Southeast, he performs training classes at LeeBoy dealers as well as speaking at industry functions nationwide, most notably ConExpo and World of Asphalt. Brian holds a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management degree from North Carolina State University and is based in the Atlanta, GA area.

Brad Humphrey

Wednesday, February 24 at 3:00 p.m.
How to Properly Plan and Schedule Jobs


Brad has been a regular presenter for more than twenty-five years and is glad to be back in 2021. After owning his own paving maintenance construction company, Brad spent more than 30 years in consulting with companies of many diverse sizes and specialties. His insights on leadership, managing your quality and profitability, and driving sales and growth, Brad has earned the privilege to be called “The Contractor’s Best Friend.” This industry reputation has now enabled Brad to serve as “host” for a Podcast series by the same name, “TCBF”, and sponsored by Caterpillar and A.C. Business Media. Brad now is VP of HR and Employee Development for Pavecon LTD, a Dallas-based paving, concrete, and sealcoating company that is fast growing and now has more than nine regional offices from Arizona to Alabama. Brad’s high energy, enthusiastic, and funny perspective will open your heart to learning new tips and techniques that will lead your company forward through 2021, and beyond. An audience favorite, join Brad in his workshops, geared at driving your to the next level of excellence!

Wayne Jones

Wednesday, February 24 at 10:00 a.m.
Introduction to Thickness Design and Pavement Distresses

Mr. Jones is a registered professional engineer with over forty years of experience in the design and construction of all major types of transportation projects. He has a strong background in construction management for airfield, heavy industrial, and highway applications.

Before joining the Institute, Mr. Jones had over twenty-eight years of experience in the highway construction industry. He has rebuilt sections of interstate highways in four different states and his paving crews have won numerous quality paving awards at the state level plus a national award for quality airport paving. He has paved successfully for such owners as NASA, NASCAR, Disney World, and Universal Studios.

Mr. Jones is presently the Asphalt Institute Senior Regional Engineer for the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio serves as AI’s representative on several regional technical committees. He also conducts training seminars on quality construction and has helped author several of AI’s technical manuals. Nationally, he is active on two Transportation Research Board Committees and is the Institute’s lead person on tire/pavement noise issues.

Mr. Jones, a Registered Professional Engineer, earned his BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, and currently lives in Columbus, OH.


Chad Jung

Wednesday, February 24 at 3:00 p.m.
Improve Striping Productivity Using Todays Technology (Auto-Layout and Laser Systems)

I started striping parking lots as a part time after school/summer job when I was 14, working for Superior Striping in Ramsey, MN. I started out using the old walk behind striping machine. I continued working for Superior Striping after graduating from high school, the company grew each year and the owners were always looking for the latest technology to make our jobs faster and easier. After working as a striper for 26 years, I decided to start my own company, Preferred Striping, with the help of the owners from Superior Striping, which I have had for the past two years.

During my career as a striper, the companies I’ve worked for and owned have always made it our mission to try new products that come on the market, and even help in inventing products that make the striping process easier and more efficient. Some of the Graco equipment that I’ve used over the years includes the Light Driver, Auto Layout, Line Lazer GL 2000, Auto Guns, and my personal favorite the Electric Driver and Electric Striper. For the past 6 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in the National Pavement Expo, demonstrating the latest technology in our industry to stripers from all over the country. I have remained in contact with many of them, and have enjoyed seeing how innovations in striping technology have helped them grow their businesses.


Mike Shereck

Thursday, February 25 at 10:00 a.m.
The Times They Are a Changin’: Managing in Turbulent Times

Mike is a husband, father, business and community leader, and coach. Mike works with Leaders and CEO’s though out the America’s. Mike style is one of authenticity, strength, trust, with a good deal of humor mixed in. He is not your garden variety coach.

Mike’s most recent focus is in the area of Leader and Organizational re-Invention. He has works with people in large global consulting organization, and regional niche consulting firms. He has worked with tech start ups, large manufacturing firms and with old line construction companies. He has worked with artist and musicians, and engineers and real estate developers. The common thread is, relationships are the key to success.

Mike’s clients have experience not only exponential breakthroughs in generating quantifiable business results, the thing that is most inspiring are the “auxiliary breakthroughs”, greater connections to family and friends, the discovery of ones authentic voice, and real agency in how they live and express themselves.

In conjunction with his client practice and leading programs, Mike also organizes and leads transformational motorcycle rides that blend community, leadership, and the joy of experiencing this great country on two wheels.

Prior to Mikes coaching career he worked in leadership in both manufacturing and construction industries, leading one of the largest sustainable projects ever built in the Midwest. During his career he has held a variety of positions including but not limited to; VP of Business Development; Global Accounts Manager; General Manger, North America; Executive Director, Special Projects; and President. In his over 25 years of business experience Mike has experienced over 10,000 separate transaction that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in executed contracts on four continents.


Brandon Stanton

Thursday, February 25 at 10:00 a.m.
How to Make Your Online Presence Your Top Salesperson


Brandon Stanton is a founding partner of 405 Media Group LLC, a digital marketing company specializing in brand positioning, new customer generation, and client retention. With locations in Scottsdale and Minneapolis, 405 Media Group produces a unique product offering in which they take on the role of the “marketing manager/department” for companies at a fraction of the price it would cost to staff. With an industry-leading client retention rate and a diverse product line (SEO, website builds, PPC, review tools, print materials, etc.) 405 Media Group positions its clients as market leaders while providing outstanding returns on marketing dollars. 

Brandon has appeared on podcasts, interviews, spoke at national expos and marketing conferences and even co-hosted a weekly radio show on a major Minneapolis radio station.  

Brandon holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin Stout and completed his graduate work at Minnesota State University in Psychological Aspects of Performance with an emphasis on motivation.  

In his free time, Brandon likes playing hockey, boxing, and spending time with friends and family. 



Rick Stone

Tuesday, February 23 at 3:00 p.m.
Intro to Hot Pour Mastics


Rick Stone grew up outside of Albany NY in the early 1970’s. At an early age, while still in high school, he helped part time in his father’s equipment distribution business and quickly developed an understanding that helped form his appreciation for what is now called the pavement preservation industry. Following high school he earned a prestigious full scholarship​ ​that​ ​paid​ ​for​ ​both​ ​his​ ​undergraduate​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​a​ ​graduate​ ​education.

Rick attended St. Lawrence University and earned a BA in Government before moving on to receive his MBA at George Washington University in Washington DC. Highlights of this era included studying governments and institutions while abroad in Vienna, Moscow and Leningrad.

Upon entering the job market Rick had brief stints working with the Federal government in DC and the financial markets in the private sector. He then returned to the family equipment and pavement repair materials distribution business in the early 1980’s and has been working towards improving the​ ​infrastructure​ ​of​ ​roads​ ​and​ ​bridges​ ​ever​ ​since.

Rick has garnered a national and regional reputation for his knowledge in working with hot pour pavement preservation crack and joint sealing processes, equipment and materials. Over his 35 year career Rick has worked with State DOTs, Federal and State Agencies and Authorities, County, local Town governments and contractors throughout the Northeast to ensure proper procedures, materials and equipment to prolong the life cycles of asphalt and concrete pavements. Writing and developing proper specifications for these organizations has been an ongoing practice since entering​ ​this​ ​industry.

Currently, Rick works for Maxwell Products in business development for the east coast. Maxwell Products has been manufacturing sealant materials from their facility located in Salt Lake City since 1975. One element of Rick’s responsibility is to introduce his company to a broader national​ ​audience,​ ​​ ​in​ ​particular​ ​customers​ ​east​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Mississippi.


Steve Young

Thursday, February 25 at 3:00 p.m.
Becoming a sealcoating pro: Professional sealcoating from A-Z

Steve Young is from Lynchburg, Virginia and has worked in the asphalt maintenance industry for over thirty years. He started his own company with brushes and five- gallon buckets along with a handheld blower for cleaning. Steve worked his way through college and grad school sealing driveways and repairing asphalt. He married his wife of twenty-seven years right out of school and has two children and a grandchild with another on the way. While growing his business, he toured asphalt manufacturing and equipment plants, attended vocational training, and participated in as many workshops and seminars on asphalt related topics as he could find. Today Steve has grown his company to servicing a large portion of central Virginia along with twenty trained staff on payroll. His company was featured in the cover story in Pavement Magazine in 2008, and he has served on the National Pavement Advisory Board for over twelve years while presenting at various conferences across the country for over a decade. He is passionate about sealcoating and enjoys helping young entrepreneurs grow their business.